The Watch Clinic Services

The Watch Clinic offers the following services:

  • Battery Installation
    Only the highest quality cells are fitted.
  • Resealing
    Thorough watch case cleaning and use of silicone grease where appropriate to ensure protection of the movement, avoid water ingress and delay service intervals.
  • Water Resistance Testing
    Pressure or vacuum testing of watches to establish levels of water resistance.
  • Service and Overhaul
    Strip servicing, cleaning, replacing or repairing watch movement component parts.
  • Movement Repairs
    Skilled repairing of watch component parts.
  • Manufacture of New Components
    Making of new parts.
  • Conversion of Mechanical to Quartz
    Changing a wind-up or automatic watch into a battery powered timepiece.
  • Bracelet and Case Repairs
    Repairs to steel or gold bracelets and cases.
  • Dial Restoration
    Hand restoring of the watch dial to restore it close to its original condition when new.
  • Valeting
    Hand and machine cleaning and polishing of the bracelet and case to give a watch the ‘wow-factor’.

Please use our contact page for any enquires on the services offered above.

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